Making a short trip down the M62 from Liverpool for their first gig away from home, Bad Mood are not the typical young indie/guitar band of which there are so many.

For a start they are not young, having been around the music scene and in different bands for a while. Secondly, their music is much more confrontational, aimed at making an impact and breaking down barriers rather than being just dance floor fodder.

Cousins Tom Carroll (ex Pete Wylie cohort) and Liam Devall were joined by friends Ian Wilson and David McCann in 2015 to form Bad Mood and a debut track May 2nd soon appeared.

Described as “post-punk moody socialist blues” Bad Mood’s music hints at artists as diverse as Neil Young, Wheezer and Jesus Lizard, whilst lead singer Liam’s appearance draws obvious Nick Cave comparisons.

Tonight the band give it their all, playing some of the 15 new tracks they have written for a forthcoming album. Stand out tracks are Grunge Blues, Ya Missed It and Tell Me but the whole set is strong and well received by Night and Day Sunday crowd.

An EP of older songs is due in the next few weeks and the day after this gig the band are shooting a video which will involve them walking slowly into the sea until submerged, Reggie Perrin style.

If the band survive this then they have a gig back in Liverpool in a couple of weeks time before they start recording the album and then start some serious gigging.