Grabbing the metal:

When Billy Bibby suddenly left Catfish and the Bottlemen after 7 years as lead guitarist and co writer, by his own admission he had no idea what he was going to do.

After a brief spell as a solo acoustic performer and a debut single “Waitin For You” he grabbed the metal so to speak, recruited a young highly talented group of musicians and hit the road with The Wry Smiles.

Tonight, Night and Day in Manchester is home to the 2nd date of the current UK tour, and as a testement to Billy’s growing popularity, there is a good amount of people here to hear a selection of both old an new songs.

Kicking off with “ Are You Ready” and “Don’t Fall” the place is soon bouncing with members of hotly tipped local band Satyr Play leading the dancing down at the front. Next up is the catchy, nostalgic “This Kind Of Summer” from the Bide Your Time EP which is a real rock song with the twin guitars remeniscent of Thin Lizzy, as Billy and guitarist Rob Jones duel away.

Of the newer material, “Substitute”, possibly the next single, shows how Billy has matured over the past twelve months. It’s a bit heavier song, which as the band move into larger venues (as they surely must) will serve them well.

To finish Billy returns to his past and a Catfish  song he wrote when he was still a key part in the Bottlemen. “God Gave Her Soul” is the perfect song to end on, jangly, bluesy, guitar driven and perfect for the crowd to dance to, which they certainly do!

This current tour encompasses a number of smaller venues across the country and I feel if you want to see Billy Bibby in an intimate setting then you’d better catch him soon because the next tour is going to be massive!