Round 2 of the greatest rock band in Denmark, is even better than round 1. This Friday night showed a band of international superstar format!

When Dizzy Mizz Lizzy won the Danish Championship Of Rock (DM I Rock) in 1993, it started a rocket launch of a career, resulting in the – now classic – ’94 self titled release, followed by “Rotator” in ’96. Superstardom was in the cards for the Copenhagen trio, but they split up in 1998, and singer/guitarist Tim Christensen launched a solo career, that was even more successful. Read on about this epic night, outside of Copenhagen

Tim Christensen playing "Say It To Me Anyway"

Tim Christensen playing “Say It To Me Anyway”

After a few one-night-only reunion shows, the band went into the studio in 2014 to make their latest album “Forward In Reverse” (released in 2016), and started touring again to everyones delight.

This Friday night they played for 10.000 individuals, after a night featuring Duné, Loveshop and Baal.

The show was led in by the instrumental “Frey”, and started with the title track of the new album, “Forward In Reverse” that has a long instrumental intro, that is almost heavy at times, and was accompanied by a massive pyro explosion, and if the excited audience wasn’t already fired up, this made sure they were.

After another of the new tracks, “Terrified In Paradise”, singer/guitarist Tim Christensen said a polite hello to the audience. The guys seem almost too unaware of their own success – but I’m sure they’re not. They are just so focused on stage, that you get a sense of watching a cozy jam session, but in the fantastic way. Tim stood on the edge of the stage several times, bassist Martin Nielsen climbed the drum podium and front monitors, and the Go-Pro’s mounted on drummer Søren Friis’ drum kit showed a tight musician that had a very good time. They played a professional show, with international format.

Very dedicated audience ©Jakob Muxoll | for Flick Of The Finger

Very dedicated audience ©Jakob Muxoll | for Flick Of The Finger

Now we got into the classics – “Barbedwire Baby’s Dream” from their debut album, is a steady part of many amateur bands’ list of cover songs, and with good reason. The way Tim creates a unison with his voice and Stratocaster, where the voice and guitar follows each other and compliments each other, is not something heard other places.

After some more classics, “Glory”, “11:07 PM”, “Love Is A Loser’s Game”, and with the audience cooking throughout every beat of “Rotator” from their second album, the main set ended with the monster hits “67 Seas In Your Eyes”, the lighter-igniting ballad “Say It To Me Anyway” with just Tim standing in a single spotlight, with his guitar and beautiful voice. Goosebumps throughout! Those that didn’t have someone to hug, wished they had!

Obviously, when “Waterline”, their ’94 hit that started their whole career came on, we had all ten thousand souls of this City Hall Green jumping.

©Jakob Muxoll | for Flick Of The Finger

©Jakob Muxoll | for Flick Of The Finger

The three song encore ended with the ever beautiful and classic “Silverflame”, and the second encore saw Tim asking the audience if they could handle one more song (they did, obviously – it’s not every day you get the privilege of witnessing a Dizzy show), Tim joked: “Ha, what if you had said NO?” – Yeah, that would have been weird…

Encore two had a single tune – their new monster hit “I Would If I Could” from their latest release, ended with a big white curtain closing down in front of the stage, as the band finished the song, and the sound was faded out. What an awesome way to end a show of this caliber!

©Jakob Muxoll | for Flick Of The Finger

©Jakob Muxoll | for Flick Of The Finger

Rating: 6/6


Frey (instrumental lead in)

Forward in Reverse
Terrified in Paradise
Barbedwired Baby’s Dream
11:07 PM
Love Is a Loser’s Game
Love at Second Sight
Made to Believe
67 Seas in Your Eyes
Say it to me Anyway

Thorn in My Pride

Encore 2:
I Would if I Could But I Can’t

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