There’s so much more to these lad’s than the ‘Brit-pop’ pigeon hole which they generally get shoe-horned into.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with being compared to some indie’s legends of sort but these guys have their own thing going on that most certainly rivals that of their 90’s counterparts. 

Meeting Johnny (Guitar) and Tommy (vocals) in a local, Manchester boozer, prior to their show, I got the chance for a quick catch up over Guinness. We discussed all things album, tour, UK, weather, Aus, inspirations and what’s next for the DMA boys…. (Interview coming soon)

It’s quite a challenge to get your head around how a band can produce their first album a bedroom one year then what seems not long after play some of the UK’s largest festivals. ‘It’s some doing and plenty of long days/nights’ Johnny and Tommy told me.

Things like this don’t always happen overnight even if it does seem like the band has just popped up out of nowhere. for any

On yet another damp Manchester evening, town feels quite busy for a Thursday. Then you realise Manchester is hosting quite a few shows – Utd were at home, Jamie T was at the Apollo, Public Service Broadcasting was at Albert Hall and Dustbin Dweeber was at the Manchester Arena – at this point, I’m thinking the people of ‘Madchester’ are quite occupied tonight – maybe tonight will be quiet – oh, how I was happily wrong…

For a band to travel 10,000 miles, put on a show while all of the above is going on and still pack out the Ritz is unbelievable. It’s a true testament to what these guys are about and their loyal fans certainly made use of sprung mounted floor of the Ritz… ‘D, D, DMA’s’

Yes, we all know and it’s heavily documented that the DMA’s have strong connections to the 90’s scene, you can’t deny. From the way they dress to the way they sound.

They’re obviously a great and true product of their environment but behind all that their music is well put together, excellently produced with melodic and catchy lyrics. From the lyrics alone it’s blatant that musically Tommy, Johnny and Matt are tuned it to their sh!t.

The lads stand on stage powering out the anthem lines of one of their most popular tracks ‘Delete’ with the crowd smashing out the chorus “Let it all out, just let it all out,” in all its acoustic finery, there was an atmosphere so charged you could practically taste it.

With the full band returning for last two songs, ‘Laced’ and a storming ‘Play It Out’, there is a final wave of cheers and applause for the band who turned in what can only be described as a truly bonzer little gig! Class act guys! see you again soon!