After postponing their original December tour due to their new album not being entirely finished, Australian band Hands Like Houses came back to the UK to make it up to the fans with rescheduled dates , bringing The Gospel Youth, Dead!, and I, The Mighty with them.

The Gospel Youth, hailing from the South Coast, were the first act of the evening. Bringing catchy riffs to the half-filled room at this point, The Gospel Youth made sure to get the crowd moving along, even if it was just by nodding heads. The energy they provided rubbed off on the crowd, making for a more enthusiastic vibe to the evening once they had finished the set.

Following The Gospel Youth was London band Dead!, who from the beginning engaged with the audience and bought a wave of high energy tunes, which were approved by the audience. The amount of people singing along to the songs showed that it was clear this band have a dedicated following, hopefully meaning that we will see big things from them in the future.

American band I, the Mighty were next, encouraging the crowd to move off their feet. Again, an energetic set from this alternative 4 piece. But what caught my attention the most was the amount of passion that bassist Chris Hinkley showed, which rubbed off on the other band members who also showed they loved playing their own music, but also rubbed off on the audience, as Hinkley engaged with them throughout. I, the Mighty are definitely a band to keep an eye out for.

As fans eagerly awaited for Hands like Houses to take their place on stage, the room filled with an excitable buzz. People had been anticipating the bands return after postponing the original tour dates, and as the Australian 5 piece delved in to their first song of the night ‘I Am’, it was met with a response of shouts and applauds. The room is filled with an upbeat vibe, as Hands like Houses were eager to impress the crowd. After gracing the fans with some new songs, the band decided to take it back and play an older song, “Don’t Look Now, I’m Being Followed, Act Normal”, showing that they could cater to older fans as well as the new.

“This is a newer song, we just released a video for it” exclaims frontman Trenton Woodley, and is answered back by an array of screams from the excitable audience. By this point the band and fans alike are getting sweaty, but the energy in the room is still as high as when they first began. The lively response from the audience shows that the new album is a hit, whilst fans jump along to the heavy riffs. There is multiple head-banging moments from both bassist Joel Tyrell and lead guitarist Matt Cooper, as they become involved more in their music as the set goes on.

The hype in the room slows down for just a moment, as Woodley begins a moving speech about the band and the journey they have come on. “This is something that’s real, something that’s real to us,” he describes, as fans encourage him to continue and hang on his every word. “This is a song for anyone that’s been in those dark places” he states, as the band begin ‘A Tale of outer Suburbia’. It is clear that this song means a lot to the band, as Woodley belts out the lyrics, receiving the same back from the fans, and the energy is once again restored back to its fullest. The band finish with ‘Introduced Species’ off their second album, their last chance to connect with the audience and engage their full attention. The show finishes on a high note, as the band continuously thank fans for coming out.

Although this was not a sold out show, the high energy and passion coming from both the band and fans alike filled the entire room. Whilst fans had to wait that little bit longer to catch them, Hands like Houses did not disappoint, and definitely made up for the shows that they had to reschedule. With heavy riffs and a clear devotion to their fans, Hands like Houses are not a band to be missed!