Jamie T returns with a powerhouse performance to a sell-out Manchester Crowd.

Jamie T‘s triumphant return to Manchester shows that even if he has been away for a few years, He has the prowess and ability to successfully return along with his loyal fans to Showcase his latest album “Trick”, as well as some of his exceptional older classics.

Jamie Treays AKA Jamie T (just in case you needed to know what the T stood for). Delivers a no nonsense set Starting with a brace from his latest album, “Power over Men”, and “Tescoland”, if we are to take anything from this opening gambit, it has to be, Jamie is back and the void is about to be filled.

To all the fans who have filled the Apollo to capacity, Jamie is more than just a performer, with quick-fire stories of love, drugs, death and drunken characters called Stella and daft Smack Jack the Cracker Man, there is an almost a spiritual connection, without doubt most of this crowd sang their lungs out as if Jamie was delivering a passage from their own lives.

Salvador” really sets the crowd going, with its deep Indie edge, and jangling guitars, have the crowd bouncing all over the place.

“The Prophet” was quickly followed the unmistakable “Don’t you find”, that sees fans popping up on shoulders everywhere, arms aloft hanging on each and every note.

Jamie explains that he wrote the next track when he was just 17 and taken from his debut album, “Panic Prevention”, and quite simply starting with the lyrics,

“I think it would be funny ah ah oh, to take your girl and spend a bit of your cash for me, Cos’ then she might be happy No longer lonely ah ah oh. And I could take her out the next day for pretty much free, Dah dee doo dahdah dee dah doo dah dahdah domdom dada domdom dom dadee dah doo dahdah dom”.

“If you got the Money”, brings pandemonium amongst the crowd once again people upon people’s shoulders, only this time conducting the mass singalong.

Jamie offers up a poignant moment, with a cover of “sign of the Times”, closing out the track with the words “I wish I could have been a little more exceptional”. How apt.

The crowd were more than kept on their toes with firm favourites “Sheila” and “Rabbit hole”, which sandwich “Tin Foil Boy”, that more than has a vocal similarity to Alex Turner.

“Sticks and stones”,Back in the game” along with “Zombie”, bring to a close a night of fantastic moments, Jamie T not only delivers as a frontman, vocally and lyrically  he is ultimately astute at engaging his audience, an audience that seem to embrace every uncomfortable truth he may throw at them.