Formed in 1982 by Bobby Gillespie and Jim Beattie, Primal Scream were originally part of the indie scene but they quickly evolved, taking on board psychedelic and garage rock influences before embracing the flourishing dance scene of the 1990’s.

Their classic 1991 album Screamadelica was a massive financial and artistic success and Primal Scream were propelled to the front of the UK music scene and world fame.

Screamadelica is still acknowledged as one of the most important and influential albums of the last 25 years.As well as albums the band produced a series of iconic singles, Loaded, Rocks and Come Together all of which saw chart success.

A period of serious drug abuse along with obvious Rolling Stone influences got Primal Scream a reputation for being as close as you could get to the Stones at their best (worst) in the early 1970’s, a dangerous rock and roll band.

The late 90’s saw the band go through a number of changes with ex Stone Roses bassist Gary “Mani” Mountfield joining and despite rumours of a split they continued to experiment with their sound and musical direction.

Always controversial live performances gave Primal Scream the dangerous edge, so often lacking in rock and roll but they still managed to produce albums and singles and be recognised as one of the UK’s top acts. The latest single from the album Chaosmosis is another simmering synth pop album currently going down a storm in live performances.

And so to 2016……..That Primal Scream are actually back on the road is something of a miracle as back in June at the Caribana Festival in Switzerland Bobby Gillespie fell from a stack of speakers and was flown home encased in a brace with a cracked vertebrae. News reports and pictures of the incident didn’t look good but after a period of rest Bobby Gillespie and Primal Scream arrive here in Liverpool tonight for the latest date on their current tour.

Primal Scream Liverpool

A cold Sunday evening in the somewhat drafty cavernous Liverpool Olympia needs something to generate a bit of heat and tonight Primal Scream are the band lighting the fire.

Its a slimmed down Primal Scream (no second guitar or brass section) that launches into Moving On Up and the crowd are on fire with Bobby Gillespie whipping the crowd up as he has done for the past 30 odd years, pacing the stage from end to end.

With tracks from seven of Primal Scream’s albums included in the set list, the evening is a trip through the bands musical history as they speed through classic after classic.

The latest album Chaosmosis is well represented  with three songs and the new single (Feels Like A) Demon again whilst not as immediate as some of their earlier singles sounds good and is definatly a grower.

Primal Scream Liverpool Set List:

Movin’ On Up
Where the Light Gets In
(Feeling Like a) Demon Again
Shoot Speed/Kill Light
(I’m Gonna) Cry Myself Blind
Higher Than the Sun
Trippin’ on Your Love
100% or Nothing
Swastika Eyes
Come Together

Kill All Hippies
Country Girl

As always it the rockers that sound best live but tonight’s version of (I’m Gonna) Cry Myself Blind was particularly stunning highlighting what a great voice Gillespie has.

Highlights for me were a brilliant version of the underated Swastika Eyes immediately followed by Loaded, Rocks and Come Together in quick succession. Not many bands could play four songs of this caliber together and still have more to offer.

For the encore, just when you think there’s nothing left we get Kill All Hippys followed by a superb Country Girl which leaves the crowd buzzing as they stream out into the Liverpool night.

The only downside to the night, if it is one, was that the Olympia was only three quarters full at best and it was a much older crowd who have probably grown up with Primal Scream.

Primal Scream are a band who’s music and performances are as good and relevant as any band around today, spread the word!