Friday 23 June 2017 saw The Dead Kennedys return to Liverpool to a hugely appreciative audience.

Formed in L.A. back in 1978 they quickly became the darlings of the punk scene. Albums selling by the truck load and producing iconic singles.

The first time I caught them was in Liverpool in 1982, 35 years ago!!…I still remember it as a great night and was hoping that this was going to be just as good. I need not have worried, they were 100 times better! The line up of Skip Greer ( vocals ) Klaus Flouride ( bass ) East Bay Ray ( guitar ) and D.H.Peligro ( drums ) have been together since 2008, the latter three the original members. Acrimonious disputes aside, I think this is a much stronger line up , without the political diatribes the previous front man was renowned for.

Their history is interesting and well worth taking the time out to read up on. I won’t bore you with the details, however, Ray was quoted as saying this “The fact of the matter is he ( Jello Biafra ) took money and hid money from the band – and refused to acknowledge it and still refuses to acknowledge it – he got caught in a conflict of interest.” …got your interest piqued yet?

Considering the combined ages of the band is getting close to a quarter of a millennia !, you wouldn’t expect the energy to be as high as it was, Skip tore up the stage  through all 16 songs, the crowd going berserk when favourites such as Kill The Poor, Nazi Punks, Too Drunk To Fuck, California Uber Alles and Holiday in Cambodia began.

I haven’t seen that much crowd surfing in a while, several gig-goers being flung to the front of the crowd and wheeled away by security back into the pack was a sight to see. Skip seemed to spend every other song in the crowd  and the O2 was packed tight.

A crowd of all ages chanted and sang the night away, with the obligatory drinks ( in plastic glasses ) being hurled from side to side and from Skip himself over an adoring crowd. How he kept up momentum is beyond me, his performance was as sparkling at the end as it was at the beginning.

The crowd left well and truly satisfied, soaked, sweat stained, but satisfied. Whilst walking back to the car I heard this snippet of a conversation between what looked like a Dad and Daughter… girl…” Hey Dad, why aren’t there bands like that anymore?”…Dad….” It was a different time “…….I won’t leave it another 35 years for my next DK gig, I promise!