Heading out to review Depeche Mode last night had me a tad worried!

I was attending with my other half (who is the biggest self-confessed fan of the band ever) and what if I thought it was a shit show? It was also my first foray back to the arena post 22/5 and I admit to a tinge of anxiety as to whether the crowd would be somewhat reserved.

I had nothing to worry about though, Depeche Mode could mobilise an army of collective love and unity anywhere, it was an incredible show and the crowd danced and sang like no one was watching.

Political leanings and powerful messages interspersed with squelching synths, thronging bass lines and heavy guitar riffs led to an almost trance like state of euphoria amongst the audience…….and that’s before we even start talking about the main man!

Dave Gahan cock-strutted around the stage giving a young Mick Jagger a run for his money and vocally he was beyond on point. In Gahan we find more than a lead singer, more even than a front man.  His love and passion for his music and his yearning to give this love and passion to the audience is tangible.  He was mesmeric, a conductor of the people and infectiously happy to be giving the audience his all.

The older tracks blended seamlessly with the new material from the sublime ‘Spirit’ album.  Every second of the show felt relevant, important and needed. Martin Gore’s lead vocal on the stunning June 1997 classic ‘Home’ brought all of the feels to the entire audience and the sense of unity continued long after the track had finished as the crowd refused to stop singing it.

A stunning, immersive gig which is going to take some time to stop comparing others too. Reach out and touch faith.

We rate:
5.0 rating