The Beauty & The Darkness


Myrkur rose from the dark northern woods into the pits of hell on the Pandæmonium stage in Copenhell. Amalie Bruun, Danish lead singer of Myrkur may look like a delicate and fragile flower but don’t be fooled, looks can be deceiving.

She has been hated and loved by audience and reviewers from the very beginning of Myrkur. Especially the primarily male dominated conservative black metal scene has been provoked by the female singer and some have even been spewing up some angry and nasty comments about her, and yes it may lift some eyebrows when a former model and popsinger decides to join the dark side and go black metal, but hey… there are plenty of room for everyone right? Myrkur works perfectly as a band, they have the skill and the talent. Lyrics about murder and evil children tells a story and captures old nordic folklore tellings. It all sets the frame around Myrkurs universe.

With almost feather like movement, lead singer Amalie walks on stage this late night, and started the performance with an acapella, sung with her beautiful soprano voice that carves through the masses and left many breathless and with every single hair standing on their arms. The singing was spot on. The atmosphere soon changes to a more sinister kind. Standing like a possesed fairy in the lights of the spewing fire outside of the pandæmonium scene made this a really cool visually experience. Switching between gracious, almost angelic choir to chilling demonic screams sets the stage for a haunting atmosphere. Myrkur contains everything you would expect from a black metal band and yet this band somehow differs from others, they have had a hard time being accepted as musicians in a some what close-minded scene, they have had to prove their worth on stage and that really shows in their live performance. it’s undeniably exciting to see a strong woman standing up for her art and not giving one single fuck about gengre and gender. It never gets boring to see a band like this, performing with intensity, nerve and raw enery.

The whole feeling and the contrast between the brutally raw and the soft feminine, was exciting and refreshing. The vocals were spot on throughout and the band was tight and delivered an overall great performance. A strong and yet powerful performance by Myrkur.