Peter Hook and the Light play a two hour New Order and Joy Division set to a sold out Manchester crowd.

After breaking the silence on his settlement back in September this year (2017) and thanking his fans for their love and support, you can’t help but feel that the weight of the lengthy battle has been lifted and Hook can now crack on and do what he does best.

Admittedly, my age didn’t permit me to catch either band the first time round (when Hook featured) so getting to hear so many tracks from both New Order and Joy Division at the same gig made for an extra special night as I’m sure it did for many others in the too.

The Manchester crowd was spoilt as the first half of the night saw the band open a 60 minute New Order set with Dreams Never End and, Procession, Cries and Whispers in to Temptation and Blue Monday. The first seven tracks alone set the electrifying mood for the night as Hook’s long standing fans raved on…

From the sound, to the visuals, everything was spot on and you’d expect nothing less from a home coming show of this magnitude. With a mystical selections of greens, reds, blues and purples the whole show was visually stunning.

It was great to see a mixed crowd too. You’d expect the long-standing fans to be at the show naturally, however it was great to see the young generation coming through also.

After a 16 track, New Order set list and a short interlude, the band returned to the stage to deliver another 60 minutes of work in the form of Joy Division music. Coming back on stage to a rapturous applause, the fans shown no signs of tiring – and the show went on…

Kicking off with No Love Lost, Disorder, Isolation, Shadowplay and Warsaw you could feel the uplift and you got the feeling from the crowd that the show was just starting.

Leaders of Men, Digital, Austosuggestion, and Transmission followed as fans where getting a lot more energetic by this point – I was knackered and people twice my age were avin’ it! (In my defence, I recently jumped of an 18-hour flight… oh I’m 34 btw so fair play to you all!!)

Finishing with She’s lost control, Incubation, Dead Souls, Atmosphere and naturally, Love Will Tear Us Apart was an amazing finish to a fantastic night reminiscence and nostalgia. There is no wonder the people of Manchester wont let go of their music heritage with shows like this happening.

You’d expect the crowd to be split in to either “New Order Camp” or “Joy Division Camp”. I think there was a little bit of this after over hearing some conversations after the show however I guess that’s to be expected. This  said however, all in all – everybody enjoyed one, the other or both – definitely no complaints. Trying to please just short of 3000 people across 2 decades of music was never going to be an easy task however the band pulled it off seamlessly. Top job.

Hooky delivered two amazing sets over 2 hours of playing with material unparalleled to anything many fans would have seen in their lifetime in one show.

Most aspiring musicians aim it to be in a recognised band or recognised as an artist. If done, they can hang their hats and say job done!! Very few musicians can say they’ve been in two era defining bands that have had two different effects on two types of fans. Hats off Hooky!

We rate:
5.0 rating