Mossley is not a place that immediately springs to mind in the annals of rock and roll, but from being a virtual music desert, Mossley has suddenly become a post punk oasis with Cabbage’s spectacular success being followed up the likes of Proletariat and Freeda.

The latest band to come from this Mossley “ scene” is the three piece Afghan Sand Gang whose electronic krautrock music style is beginning to attract a lot of attention.

Formed in late 2017 the band is made up from Matt Burgess synthesisers/vox, Paddy Neville guitars/vox and Will Owen bass, who states that their intention is to create a “Electronic Lexicon of Stiff, Grounded Beats and Ethereal, Ascending Fog”

With such a bold mission statement the band have a lot to live up to but their first single Mantra, a pounding synth driven song with a hypnotic beat goes some way to doing just that, sounding a lot like Syd Barret’s Pink Floyd which is no bad thing.

Tonight the band are headlining The Eagle in Salford, topping an eclectic line up featuring Oldham poet Patrick T. Davies, Aisling Davis from Inland Taipan and Burnley’s Goa Express, a wonderfully diverse selection much appreciated by a sell out crowd.

The Afghan Sand Gang kick off with Sell Yourself followed immediately by their first single the wonderful , released on the Brassika label, which is a classic electronic shoe gaze song. The crowd by this time are rocking (literally) to the throbbing hypnotic sounds as the band thunder through their seven song set. White Light, Toxic Foreplay are all great songs and as the set closes with Descension the band are joined on stage by a mystery guitarist who turns out to be Cabbage guitarist Eoghan Clifford ,once again emphasising the Mossley connection.

Over the next few months the band are recording an EP “Machine Music” and will be playing various dates in the Manchester area including the Cotton Clouds Festival in August and I would say catch them soon because their hypnotic sounds are beginning to get noticed and surely larger venues than The Eagle await !