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> Helviti stage, Friday 22. June: The Seattle monster that is Alice In Chains rocked the 9th. Copenhell edition, for the second time since 2013

With a previous Copenhell show in the bag deemed back then as simply astounding, Friday this year was full of expectations. Not least from me, as I grew up with listening to grunge and punk, and bands like Alice In Chains has a very special place in my heart. “We Die Young” is, along with “Rooster” and “It Ain’t Like That”, some of the best songs ever written, in my book, and here I was, getting them all served on a silver platter, by a band that is close to being music-gods to me. 

As a refreshing break in the otherwise very heavy festival program, Alice In Chains served up the 1990 “Facelift” hit “Bleed The Freak”, and from there just chilled out in the sun on the festival’s biggest stage. The band just moved slowly around the stage with their shades on, and made it seem like they were just rehearsing instead of playing for 20.000 people. All songs had oddballs ind them – like “Them Bones”, that was played just a little slower than on record, and “Rooster” that had the vocal harmonies being much more elaborate than usual. All without it sounding weird – like that time in ’97 when I saw a Soundgarden show in Copenhagen, and Cornell played “Black Hole Sun” with only a guitar and his voice.

The hole show was seeping with a weird otherworldly feeling – a band like Alice In Chains sounds like a weird booking for a metal festival. Their slow tempo and stoned gloomy world is a bit of a trip-crash, after being high on all extremes of metal since Wednesday afternoon. But Alice In Chains could very well be one of the few, if not the only band, that can pull it off anyway.

The great thing about singer William DuVall is, that he’s lifting the legacy from Layne Staley, without trying to sound like Staley. He’s doing his own thing with the deepest respect for the legendary songs. His long and complex duets with a very long-bearded Cantrell was nailed like a freakin’ dart champion, and they sounded like they have been in a band together for 20+ years.

“So…uhm…we’ve got a new song for you”, said Cantrell, “It’s from our coming album. We hope you like it.” Damn! Alice In Chains’ got a new album coming out, I thought! And no let-downs here either. Classic AIC, and yet another song that shows just how genius a band AIC are. They’re artists, and they’ve never written a boring song in their life. Dirty, raw and intense, and as AIC has nothing but hits up their sleeve, there weren’t any dead voids in the set. Legendary!

We rate:
5.0 rating

Amongst the long setlist was:

Rain When I Die

Them Bones

Dam That River

Check My Brain


Bleed the Freak


No Excuses


We Die Young


It Ain’t Like That

Man in the Box

The One You Know