Death metal and its various derivatives is big news and on Wednesday evening two of the genres most popular bands played Manchester Ritz.

The bands popularity was evident by the hugh queues along Whitworth Street as the venue opened its doors to a sell out crowd.

First up were The Black Dahlia Murder (BDM) from Michigan USA whose music has been described as more melodic death metal, Straight from the off, the power and volume of the band had the packed crowd rocking and within seconds the first of the nights many crowd surfers were landing in the pit.

With eight albums since 2001 all charting high in the states BDM led by singer Trevor Strnad are no support band, and there were plenty of their fans in the wild mosh pit up front as they played tracks from their latest album Nightbringers along with past favourites. Tracks such as Widowmaker, Catacomb Hecatomb and When This Grave Last Emptied are all dark brutal metal songs which the crowd go wild over.

Topping the bill tonight are Cannibal Corpse originally from Buffalo New York but now based in Florida. The band have released fourteen studio albums since 2001 and are regarded as one of the top death metal bands in the world. Cannibal Corpse draw on horror fiction and horror films for their inspiration and with songs like I Cum Blood, Hammersmashed Face and Skull Full Of Maggots they have faced controversy and banning in some countries. All of these songs were played tonight along with tracks from the new album Red Before Black and its all full on head banging, wind milling rock and roll with lead singer George (Corpse grinder) Fisher igniting and already pumped up crowd with his intense guttural vocals. The energy in the Ritz is incredible, both from the band and the crowd as wave after wave of fans come over the barriers.

Death metal might not be to everybody’s taste but tonight these two bands rocked the Ritz to its core and the capacity crowd went home happy.