A truly astonishing night with a more astonishing crowd 

From spoken word to psychedelic riffs, there was nothing left out in the midst of the energy

After truly fantastic support from, ‘Lyerr’ and ‘Strange Bones’ then a short John Cooper-Clarke style poetry section before The Blinders put Doncaster on the music map as they charged into their highly energetic set, and their first song ‘Gotta Get Through’, they then went into what is arguably their most well known song, ‘Swine’, for which the crowd came into their own, and the already outstanding atmosphere got better and better as this flawless three-piece gave fans a night to remember at their sold out show.

Although their set felt slightly short, there was nothing left out, from their political masterpieces ‘Free The Slave’ and ‘Hate Song’, to the truly brilliant ‘Ramona Flowers’ and ‘I Can’t Breathe Blues’. This band are surely going places if they can create such an atmosphere, and such a beautiful noise, in what seemed like such a short space of time. Their true musicianship came through in their technical faults, from a guitar that was feeding back to much, to a collapsing snare drum half way through a song, these three boys let nothing stop them from delivering a truly fabulous performance and night to remember for their fans, who were in sheer admiration and total bliss from the get go.

Their music was one thing, but their presence was something that you really find hard to come by. From jumping into the crowd, to diving about the stage like a musical ragdoll, there was little left out. Their space was limited in the small, yet intimate venue, The Blinders did everything in their power to make themselves known, and really warm the hearts of the fans. The crowd would have thought that the obscure jumping, and bar walking of ‘Strange Bones’ was as much crowd interaction, and stage madness as they would have seen that night, but The Blinders some how managed to top it, and they did so brilliantly.

These boys are going places, they have every component to become a successful band, and really make a name for themselves. They have the catchy riffs, the stand out lyrics, the amazing fan base, the only thing they need to make them really stand out is a chart position, and I don’t think it’s going to be far off.

Images © Steve Hampson​