The lovechild of genres and exploding busses!

  • Pandæmonium stage, Friday 22. June:

On their way from the Magazine Generali festival in Italy, it didn’t look good for the Japanese powerhouse. One of their tourbusses almost exploded, and they were stuck somewhere in Europe. As they finally reached the ferry from Germany to Denmark on their way to Copenhagen, drummer Tatsuya Amano was denied access into Denmark, and had to be sent back to Germany, while the rest of the ensemble drove up to Copenhagen. Amano was then finally granted entry into the country, and arrived by car as little as 9 minutes before showtime.

Keyboardist Terufumi Tamano ran onstage and got the crowd going pretty much by himself! Then the rest of the band came on, and the quintet exploded over the festival site, as “System X” came on. Mixing electronic/dance elements with metal, sounds almost like sacrilege or blasphemy, but oh my did it work! Nothing about this show was boring, and the energy and headbanger-inducing breakdowns were impossible to avoid. Even if you don’t particularly like metal-core, Crossfaith is different enough because of their genre-mix, that even death metal fans found it hard not to get pulled in.

Definitely one of the top-concerts on the festival, and quite a surprise to this reviewer!

We rate:
5.0 rating

Here’s “Wipeout”: