From tons of heavy riffing to oldschool ballads.

The three bands was a well mixed musical experience but not all was smooth sailing:


God Among Machines
First supporting act Gods Among Machines is a good exampel of what you get, when you crossbreed „Down” with „Rage Against The Machine”. As the band takes on the stage, people are crowded in the minimalistic yet cosy and intimate limited space „Underwerket” has to offer. With passionate playing and onstage presence, the band delivered a overall good performance with a varity of rhythmic breakdowns, aggressive vocals and no signs of slowing things down. The bands single release „Break it” was for me a stand out song,  borrowing hard-hitting  4-in-the-floor Black Sabbath like grooves, and aggressive screaming from lead singer Anders. The band played a good 35 minutes set.
Gods Among Machines was founded in 2015 and consists of bassist Lasse Nice (formerly Saint Rebel), lead singer Anders Pedersen (from my dyingDay), guitarist Martin Munk Nielsen and drummer Morten Lehn (both former members of Zoo Me Now). Since the beginning of 2015, the quartet has been busy playing shows in the Netherlands and on one occation supporting Artillery. Im excited to see what the future holds for this band. We will be looking forward to hear the rest of their new album later this year. You can catch the bands single „Break It” on youtube,
Lightning And Thunder
Berlin’s finest heavy metal output, in the last 10 years, visited Denmark, with the intentions of delivering their reinterpretation of what heavy metal sounds like in the year 2018. Their Melodic, powerful and yet oldschool take on the gengre was refreshing and not often heard, at least not here in Denmark.
The German quintet has been supporting more established acts such as The Sword, Pro Pain, and Heavy Metal Legends Grave Digger. Tonight they support the less known Diretone. Lightning And Thunder fit right in musically between Gods Among Machines and Diretone, so Lightning And Thunder was a really good choice to fit in.
The guys from germany has got quite an impressive music catalogue behind them, with 7 releases and still counting. The band seems confident and like a well greased machine, doing what they do best. They are indeed „heavy metal” in the old term but they also remain true to the melodic and harmonic oldschool hardrock roots, with screaming vocals, pinch harmonics, heavy riffing and delicate solos. The lead singer Norman Dittmar delivers a convincing performance with a unbelievable vocal range and good vocal control.  Tales about the grim reaper, children with dark eyes, angels and demons, puts the band in between gengres and leaning upon the folk metal and goth gengre, This made the whole thing more interesting. Lightning And Thunder performed well and the crowd responded positivly to the german machine, crushing through the small club.
Thunder And lightning formed in 2004
Norman “Diddi” Dittmar (Vocals)
Marc Wüstenhagen (Guitars)
Benjamin Dämmrich (Guitars)
Robert “Hoschi” Rath (Bass)
Steve Mittag (Drums)
Headlining act Diretone ran into technical and sound problems.
Diretone is a Danish groove metal band with a thick organic sound founded in 2011. Combining heavy grooves, Scorching
leads, down-tuned guitars, clean vocal delivery, and a traditional approach to metal songwriting. Since 2016 the band has gone through a 100% digital conversion, playing through computer plugins. This certainly has it´s ups but certainly has som major down sides. You rely 100% on a stable computer performance without dropouts and funky stuff going on. you dont need to get distracted from technical issues. This was unfortunately the case for Diretone. Within the first song, Diretone had sound and technical difficulties. The sound needed some tweaking, but little did it help. The sound was off. The instruments wasn´t balanced well and the lack of overall heavy rhythm guitars, bass and vocals was noticable. The sound was flat and lacked punch and presence and volume switching was all over the place.
Some old songs made the setlist, „Nerve” and „Drawn to life” was well performed, this was a nice link from the old to the new material. Technical and sound issues aside, Diretone held up and kept on playing like pros. Diretone had a bad day, the songs were there, but tonight wasn’t in Diretone’s favour.
Despite of the fact that Diretone’s normally is known for their top-notch live shows, tonight wasn’t their night. I know for a fact, seeing Diretone dusins of times, they can deliver a blistering performance.
It has been a good couple of years for Diretone. Highlights for the band has been the release of their second album „Random Spins, Fortune Turns” mixed and mastered by renowend producer/recording mastermind Tue Madsen (AntFarm Studio), following great reviews worldwide, and tour dates in Denmark, Germany and Sweden with a support job in between for Danish metal vetarans HateSphere. Catch up with Diretone on facebook.
Diretone Formed in 2011
Lars Hørning – Bassguitar & Vocals
Brion Wekin – Drums
Patrick Ajasso – Guitars
Patrick Grønbæch Christensen – Guitars