Fall Out Boy Bring the Mania Tour to Manchester Arena!

As Fall Out Boy bring their much-anticipated Mania tour into Manchester, there is a real air of excitement buzzing around, not many bands could fill the arena, one thing that brings people back is that the band don’t leave anything in the dressing room, its all on stage with them.

Coming into the Arena and having had a quick briefing from stage security of our accessible working areas, its clear from the outset a great amount of detail has been put into place, firstly for fans enjoyment, more importantly band and fan interaction. The initial stage set up is a wide expanse from one side of the arena to the other, as a back drop a 18×6 meter Led Screen. Through the centre of the arena is a 100ft runway leading to the B stage then a further stage C beyond that.

As the screen arena goes into darkness and the screen goes blank up pops, a countdown with the message turn off your cell phones and enjoy the show……… maybe one day some may listen.
For me another tick on the list of bands is lay before me as one by one the band assemble on stage, the crowd are already heightened as the screen lights and the unmistakeable chords of “The Phoenix” power from the stage, from the off the Pyrotechnics, are in full force. The FOB Mania tour 2018 has well and truly arrived in Manchester.

The set design allows the band the opportunity to venture down the runway and to the edges of the main stage, a real fluid nuance to the proceedings. “Irresistible” and “Sugar we are going down”, are the pace setters for the evening, the Led screen has visuals impeccably correlated with every song, be it live footage or animation, it is as subtle and slick as the bands performance.
“Immortals”, “Stay Frosty Royal milk tea”, “The lights drop, and a piano is rolled into play as the rest of the band leave the stage. As the spotlight drops on stump who gives a solo performance on the piano of “Young and Menace”, as stunning a piece of work you could have asked to see performed.” and the oh so powerful “Save Rock & Roll”, only reinforces the professionalism and power of a band who have come out to play. Followed by “The last of the real ones”.

As the Lights go out in the buzz of the arena, what seems like ages but, probably 15-20 seconds the lid of stage B at the other end of the arena lifts up and elevates Andrew Hurly sat on a set of drums, wearing industrial ear protectors he embarks on a sublime drum solo. Part way through Joe Trohman runs the length of the runway to join him on the B stage, whilst on the C Stage both Pete Wentz wearing a very fetching hi vi vest and Patrick Stump appear from nowhere and are suitably secured to the stage, as the stages are elevated above the crowd the B stage 15 meters and the C stage 20 meters the crowd who are at the back of the arena become centre stage as the band launch into “Dance, Dance”, “Wilson(Expensive mistakes).” See the band in their element and an audience who have found a new-found love of a band willing to go that little extra for the fans, the floating cubes are also light boxes with some stunning visuals once again perfectly choregraphed with the music, “Thanks for the Memories” see the band return to earth.

As the band assemble back on the main stage the pace is relentless and straight into “I Don’t care”, immediately followed by the crowd pleaser” This aint a scene it’s an arms race”. Which had some stunning visuals accompanied by spectacular pyrotechnic display. As the set was coming near the end the band finished off with “Hold me tight or not”, “ Grand theft autumn/Where is your Boy”, “Church” and “Champion” finally finishing the set.

It was clear that the crowd wanted more and it was certain the band wanted to give more, as they take to the stage for a four song encore beginning with “Thriller” followed by the iconic “Uma Thurman” with Kill Bill back drop, the penultimate track “My Songs know what you did in the dark, (Light them up)”, finally “Saturday”. As the confetti canons rained down over the arena on what has been a truly epic evening of performance both musically and visually.
Simply Superb.

This is how its done. As the last screen dies with the words,

Maybe it was all a dream?