Black Honey bring their debut album tour to Manchester

A night of great music, which really showed the power of women in music

After the two support acts, Russo and Pins had warmed the crowd up with their great sets, the stage went dark to welcome Black Honey to Manchester as they tour their self-titled debut album.

The set opened with the wonderful, crowd pleasing ‘I Only Hurt The Ones I Love’. The crunchy overdriven tones of the guitar were enough to get the crowd going, so when it came to the chorus of this catchy opener, it was obvious how good this crowd were going to be. The fans screamed every lyric back at the band, and the atmosphere was incredible from the get-go.

Next up was one of Black Honey’s older tracks, ‘Madonna’, which for me is probably their most distinct song due to the wonderful, hypnotic guitar tone that repeats throughout the 3 minute track. That guitar tone, accompanied with the astonishing vocals which lead singer, Izzy, provided beautifully. There’s something really special about watching Black Honey perform, and I feel a strong part of it is due to the incredible vocals that Izzy supplies. It really sets them aside from other bands, and gives them a unique, distinct edge that is even better live than on recordings.

The night continued with a band who were on top form for the whole set. They kept up the energy they started with, and delivered a night to remember for their Manchester fan base. Not only was the energy incredible, but the sound, and the overall atmosphere in the small venue was next level. This band are definitely a must see, and since first seeing them support fellow Brighton rockers, Royal Blood, they’ve been on top of my list to see.