Saytr Play Launch ‘Fragile’ in Manchester

A packed venue combined with Saytr Play was always going to equal fun.

Last night, Mancunian 5 piece, Saytr Play took to the stage in the Star and Garter to launch their new single, ‘Fragile’. After support from Gathering Of Strangers and The Covasettes, the fans were warmed up, and ready for what Saytr Play were about to unleash onto them.

Aside from ‘Fragile’ (which started the night, and sounded amazing) the set delivered their two other singles, ‘Mothers Love’ and ‘Don’t Go East’, some fan favourites, such as ‘Jamie Vere’, and also some new material, including a song which left vocalist Fred alone on stage, whilst the rest of the band joined in the fun with the crowd, which really helped build the atmosphere, and from that point onward, the gig was taken to a whole new level of fun and energy. The fans screamed the lyrics for every song, even the new material which hadn’t been played live before.

Saytr Play gave the gig everything they had, and in doing so, gave the fans who had crammed in to see them, a night to remember. The room may have been dark, but they lit it up with the beautiful noise which they delivered.