Stockport’s No Hot Ashes, having already sold out Academys Two and Three in Manchester with their incredible local support are now on tour, seeing if their high energy funky sound can have the same effect on the rest of the UK.

Tonight its Derby and there’s a good turn out to see what NHA can offer.

Its ten o’clock before the band get on stage and its clear that some of the crowd are familiar with NHA as a bit of banter with lead singer Isaac results in a slight set list change. At the last minute the band kick off with an old favourite Easy Peeler which immediately has the crowd dancing, and from then on its non stop funk as the band, on top form, hardly pause for breath as they dance their way through a nine song forty five minute set.

All the favourites are there Skank, Cool Cat and Belly Aches but the new EP Skint Kids Disco gets played in full and 8 Till Late stands out , with a lighter more poppy sound matched by Isaac’s gritty lyrics telling stories teenage angst. By the time ends with the ever popular Goose, most of the crowd have been won over and are dancing as wildly as the band, NHA gigs are definitely fun.

NHA have been around a while now and have built up a massive local fan base, this now needs to be continued nationwide, and their current UK tour aims to do this, that and their great new EP Skint Kids Disco.

Hopefully in the next twelve months the band will get the success they deserve and join that other Stockport band Blossoms, catch them while you can!

No Hot Ashes are on tour in May throughout the UK and are playing at various festivals over the summer.

We rate:
5.0 rating