A bunch of wild Blinders fans in a small venue made for an epic night

After completing their debut headline tour, The Blinders revisited Manchester for those who missed out 

At 6.30 sharp, the doors to Gorilla swung open, and the crowd began to slowly pile into the venue, and by the time the support act, Afghan Sand Gang, came on stage, the venue was ready to burst. After ASG’s brilliant set, on came Patrick T Davies, for his 15 minutes of John Cooper-Clarke type poetry, to really get the crowd going, and then, on came The Blinders. Gorilla erupted into a frenzy of screaming fans, and straight away, you knew it was going to be a fun night.

The setlist was truly fantastic, and thought out beautifully, in a way that really got the crowd hyped. It was crowd-pleaser after crowd-pleaser, and their most popular songs, ‘Ramona Flowers’, ‘L’etat C’est Moi’ and ‘Brave New World’ were really something special. Then again, so were every songs, because even in the first song, the crowd were on a whole different level to anything I had seen before. There was something truly wonderful about the whole night, despite not being able to move due to the influx of fans pushing to the front, trying to get as close to Blinders as possible.

Whilst there wasn’t as much crowd interaction as there has been at previous gigs, it still felt like there was a really strong connection between the band and crowd. This connection is what really makes the gigs that this band put on feel so unique to what other bands are doing. They are really turning into ones to watch, and I for one cannot wait to see what this band have coming up.

The upcoming debut album will be something to look forward to for sure, and I have a strong feeling that this band are going places, and it won’t be long before they say goodbye to the small venues, and say hello to venues such as The Ritz, or Academy 1.