The last couple of months have seen the big summer gigs, festivals and tours announced, The Stones at Old Trafford, The Killers in Bolton and an Arctic Monkeys tour to name just a few. 

Before you spend a fortune on a ticket, have a look at whats on in your local area because the big bands of the future are probably playing in one of the many clubs that put on live music just down the road.

A great example of this is Night People on Princess St in Manchester, in years gone by it was the legendary Twisted Wheel but it is now a friendly club hosting a varied selection of live music for rarely more than a tenner.

Tonight is a perfect example with four up coming bands all for £6 !!

First up are lively Telford lads Savannah with a new single Family Man to promote. Savannah are a real rock and roll band with a hint of danger about them, reminding me of the early Faces. Their set concludes with the lengthy Number 9 which despite its epic length still manages to hold your attention to the end. Keep an eye on Savannah, there was something special about them.

Freakout Honey take the stage next, a band I’m not very familiar with but their vast sound penetrated by the voice of singer Paris soon hooks me in. At times Paris sounds like Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick, singing over the bands psychedelic grooves.

More used to headlining Deja Vega are up next, well known on the Manchester scene, legal problems have held them back a little but tonight they are raring to go. Their hypnotic songs backed by an aggressive bass and drum sound with Jack Fearon’s sharp rhythmic guitar shining through deserve the attention they are getting. With a large following in the crowd the band put on a great show with Jack disappearing into the audience for the final song The Test. As the band leave the stage the familiar chant of Dega…..Vega, Deja…..Vega fill the club. Hopefully this is going to be Deja Vega’s year.

Finally tonights headliners Hey Bulldog who are launching their latest single Al Lupo in front of a home crowd. Another three piece band, Hey Bulldog have attracted attention from the likes of Steve Lamacq at BBC Radio 6 and John Kennedy at XFM and led by guitarist and founder Rob Manton this band are going places.

Often referred to as a psychedelic blues rock bands Hey Bulldog are more than this with many genres of music touching their songs. With this evenings extended set the band are able to introduce some new material all of which is well received, however its favourites like No Failure and Divide and Conquer which get the best reaction although Al Lupo is a great song will soon be up there with the favourites. The crowd love this band so much that they are brought back for an encore, playing a storming version of Numb which sends everybody home happy.

So for six quid we got four great bands in a small club where you could actually see the bands. The Arctic Monkeys can keep their £80 Arena tickets, this is the future of rock and roll!