Brandon Flowers and what can now only be described as an ensemble (nine musicians on stage and only two remaining members of the four piece band that brought us “Hot Fuss”, including Brandon himself) achieved a spectacular feat of showmanship at the Macron Stadium.

I never thought I’d type this but in Brandon’s words they brought “fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” with all of its glitter to the streets of Bolton.

A sky full of hot pink confetti and a glistening golden suit worn by Brandon in the encore, which was frankly only out shined by his teeth, gave the stadium a dazzle and brilliance unseen by the Macron since the days of Jay Jay Okocha and big Sam Allardyce.

Of course the arguable kings of indie rock have a set list to ensure that such voyeuristic excess never becomes the stuff of comedy. Brandon is allowed a shiny golden suit because every person in the stadium is eagerly anticipating Mr Brightsides arrival as well as the plethora of other anthems the band has written. However this is certainly a different Killers to the band of the past, this could not have been made more clear than by their choice to use “The Man” as an opener. It received a lukewarm reception largely due to the bands arrival and the usage on onstage effects like confetti cannons to heighten the spectacle. However there was a definite feeling that the song was shoehorned in to continue promoting the new album (this cannot be bemoaned too heavily though after all this is the “Wonderful Wonderful” UK tour and the songs will obviously be given an opportunity to be heard live).

Other standout moments included the choice to cover New Order’s “True Faith” in keeping with The Killers dedication to giving almost every gig a unique cover, an incredibly admirable live trait that gives every fan a sense their experience was different to others and therefore worth the money. Mr Brightside was given a strange toned down first verse and chorus as an introduction before tearing into a riff that might as well be made the national anthem by now, it was an incredible send off and I would recommend the Killers live to anyone even if it’s only for that one song.

Overall it was a phenomenal gig by a band that are definitely not past their sell by date and whom continue to resonate with the English public despite their increasingly obvious American roots.

We rate:
4.0 rating