After great support the Blinders showcased ‘Columbia’ to Manchester once more, this time with new material woven into the set

It’s always great to hear new music from a band as talented as these three lads, and the direction they are going in sounds promising for their future.

The Blinders have been around for a few years now, but it was only last year that they began to scratch the surface of the Manchester music scene and arise from the world of being an upcoming band, to being a band which you just know are going to come to some form of success with their music.

They kicked their set off in the packed (but not sold out) Ritz with their three most popular songs, ‘Gotta Get Through’, ‘Brave New World’, and one of their very first songs, ‘Ramona Flowers’, which was the perfect introduction to get fans hyped before they delivered new song, ‘Wither’, which was debuted at a gig earlier in the year, so whilst a few fans were familiar, it was new to most, but went down just as good as their familiar material.

There were two more new songs to come, in the form of ‘Forty Days & Forty Nights’ and ‘Lunatic With a Loaded Gun’. Both songs gave the band a slightly different sound to that of ‘Columbia’, but the sound hasn’t changed so much that it ruins what the band are about. If this is what their next album is going to be like, then I cannot wait for the release, especially after the incredible noise which they have delivered in the debut.

This will be a night for fans, and for the band, to remember forever. And whilst they may have played the Ritz as a support act in previous years, there is something a lot more special about them headlining, especially in such an iconic Manchester venue which has seen the likes of The Beatles, The Smiths, Happy Monday’s and The Stone Roses perform.

For these lads to play a gig of this size, is a triumph. Their hard-work and dedication all became worth it the minute the lights went out for them to come on stage, and the only way is up, not only because of their talent, but because of the huge level of adoration which fans have for them. It’s all well and good for a band to be releasing quality music, but without the support from fans, the music isn’t worth bothering with.

Never mind scratching the surface of Manchester’s music scene, I think this gig has allowed them to smash through the surface and continue to breakthrough into bigger and better opportunities.

We rate:
5.0 rating