Gary Numan has brought his [R]evolution tour to Glasgow, not only does it celebrate 40 years of touring, but it’s a little special tonight because this is where it started, the 1979 tour.

Back then, Gary was part of Tubeway Army and had started experimenting with a synth’, it gave rise to a new/different sound, of course several years later [trying to be kind] that sound has evolved into a much harder industrial sound, but one that has created such a strong cult following.

Following the huge successful album Savage [songs from a broken world] tour, Gary was back, this time Gary and his ‘peakies’ a phrase he’d coined himself on twitter to describe his band who this time were dressed all in black.

His fans, Numanoids have travelled far and wide to be here tonight and one told me “ WHAT a gig.. the power….. the visuals… the whole entire VIBE!!  This seemed to be echoed by many, some claiming ‘it was the best show they’d seen’.

And an incredible set it was too! While Gary and his band have rehearsed in the region of 40 songs for this tour it’s meant he can adapt the set, tonight’s fans were in for a real treat, some songs, Stories for example not played live for 39 years. Fans old and new were buzzing afterwards about the set. For me personally, one of my all time favourites came near the end of set ‘Prayer for the unborn child’.

Coming back on stage for the encore, not only did he play Voix,  another one not played live for some time, but three other songs. Poignantly the penultimate song was a new one, Intruder, giving us all a taste of things to come while closing with Jo The Waiter, a very different song to the rest of the set, but one that had made an impact from the 1978 album Tubeway Army.


Gary doesn’t talk much during the set, in fact most of it was during the encore, but he was incredibly humbled by the response as he reminded people this was where his touring history started,  I cant f****in’ understand ya, but I love you. It was reciprocated and brought to a close a fantastic gig. As the press adverts show Numan of 79 facing himself 40 years later, while I like the earlier material, I love the way his sound has evolved over the years, it definitely improves with age.


All images © Sam Holt