This band really do get better with every performance

There’s not much better in life than packing into a venue, with an incredible atmosphere and listening to an even more incredible band. This is what it’s like when you watch Saytr Play. The fans never let the band down, and the band never lets the fans down.

After two unbelievable support acts, the fans eagerly waited for Saytr Play to don the stage of Gorilla, and when they did, what a moment! I don’t think there is a single band around that has such an incredible fan base, because the roof came off that place when Fred and his incredible band appeared from back stage.

Not only were the fans and the atmosphere prodigious, the set and the bands performance was even better. From the always loved “Don’t Go East” and “Mothers Love” to the newer, yet equally adored “Fragile” and “Bang Average”. They also debuted new material, by the name of “Thought of Missing Out”. A slower, more acoustic piece, but it went down a storm, and to watch Fred control a crowd like that was truly mesmerising.