The first of two complete sell-out gigs in Manchester.

The insatiable ones take to the stage at Manchester’s Albert Hall’s for the first of two sell out evenings, they could have probably sold the whole weekend out as well.

The temperature is certainly rising, in the old Methodist hall, as the band take to the stage. Osman-Gilbert-Oakes-Coding and finally Anderson, take up position and immediately launch into “As One”, from their latest album, “The Blue hour”. “Snow Blind” and “Outsiders”, Swiftly follow. Its clear from the outset, Suede have come to entertain, an opportunity to get up close and personal with a fan base that has been with them from the early days when they blew onto the Britpop scene back in 1992.

What sets the band apart from many of the other bands is the depth of quality tracks the band can draw from, now onto their 8th album and able to pull songs from each one. Don’t think for one minute that this is a nostalgia trip, far from it, they have evolved and developed a style Unique to them.
“We are the Pigs” gives way to “So young” and “Metal Mickey”, taken from where it all began and the debut album self-titled “Suede”. Its quite fitting that in the majestic surroundings the band are putting on a mesmerising show.

Anderson as a front man, covers the stage as if her was preaching to his flock, laying down the songs and delivering with a belief and passion, that is lapped up by this loyal congregation of followers. There’s a real depth to the songs and performance, that many try to emulate.
The songs still keep coming, “Mistress”, delivered acoustically with Oakes on guitar has a real poignancy, “It starts and ends with you”, “Trash”, have the place buzzing, its very warm its very, very sweaty, as the white lights emanate from the stage and give way to a see of green fog and the unmistakable chords of “Animal Nitrate”, has Anderson bouncing all over the stage, revving the crowd up into a frenzy. There is no doubt that suede belong on bigger stages, thankfully this is an opportunity to literally be at arm’s length.

Not even an issue with Andersons guitar, he wasn’t going to let that stop him, literally singing ang strumming, as if he was at an open Mic night at a local bar, sat at the front of the stage dripping in sweat, a power version of “Pantomime Horse”, is delivered to a crowd who hung on every word.
“The invisibles” and “Flytipping” end what has been an enthralling nights work. Up to this point the band have delivered a 19-song set list. As the band emerge for a much-anticipated encore, Anderson with shirt ripped down his back and bouncing once again across the stage Monitors, “Beautiful ones”, threatens to shatter the windows in this fine old place.

Anderson lets the audience know that the last song “Life is Golden”, was written and dedicated to his son who is recovering from an operation. The beautiful ones have delivered a masterclass in performance. Many of tonight’s crowd will be back for more tomorrow. High on diesel gasoline, pshyco for the drum machine, shaking their bits to the hits.