Tonight, is set for an 80’s pop Melancholy explosion, two of the big hitters from that era on one bill

With a staggering 53 million album sales between them, the back catalogue of hits should warm, the eager fans who have braved the elements to be here early for tonight’s opening act.

Alison Moyet takes to the stage, and opens with I Germinate”, engulfed in a sea of vivid blue lights, thanking everyone for coming in so early and for sticking by her all these years. introducing “Nobody’s Diary” a song she wrote when she was 16, it’s still a song to stand out by today’s standards. Moyet has always had an excellent voice and presence on stage, and tonight sees her at her best, arenas really suit her.

“All cried out”, has Moyet in a relaxed and confident mood, which is reciprocated by the crowd, with shouts of Alison we love you going off all over the arena.

“Situation” and “Only” you, roll the years back on the successful Yazoo days. “Love resurrection” has the audience out of their seats, finally finishing off an excellent set with “Don’t go” another Yazoo classic that nicely set the audience up for tonight’s main act.

As the anticipation builds for tonight’s headliners Tears for Fears. Out of the darkness rises a slow building synthesiser, The Unmistakeable strains of possibly their biggest hit “Everybody wants to rule the world”, engulfs the arena. Are the crowd surprised or is this a bold statement from the band? I get the distinct feeling it’s a bold statement. They instantly proceed with “Secret love”, already the confidence and connection with the crowd is paying off, as they go straight into “Sowing the seeds of love”, no one is sitting down now, arms aloft and in full voice.

Sharing lead vocals Smith and Orzabal, have not lost their vocal prowess, and it is a throwback to the when they set out to rule the world. “Falling down”, “Pale shelter”, “Break it down again” along with “everybody loves a happy ending”, have that melancholy feel, the nostalgia is well and truly kicked in, the production and stage set up is excellent as well as a musical masterclass a visual barrage tries to match the musicianship emanating the stage.

Looking around the arena it’s predominately a male domain, sure there are the wives and girl friends that have brought along, but as smith is talking to the crowd it is clear that many have come as families and are introducing their off spring to the music of their youth, the thing is, their music is as relevant today as it was back in the day.

Every now and then you are in the mist of things and quite simply you stumble across a piece of magic, “Mad world”, is let loose on a rampant and joyous crowd, as “Change”, pushes everything forward towards “Memories Fade”, from their debut album Hurting, as this makes way, a simple arpeggio run of cords from Orzabal, leads into the haunting and rather stunning cover version of Radio heads “Creep”, simply one of those moments when the hairs on the back of your neck stands up, throughout the evening, TFF have been supported by a wonderful backing singer, Carina Round, who has supported the likes of Elbow, David Gray, and Ryan Adams, her vocal harmonies have been simply fantastic, but on this track the blending with Orzabal’s voice is wonderful. The last time I have seen anyone with this range and vocal power, is Denise Johnson who worked with Primal Scream.

Just to keep things coming “Advice for the young at heart”, “Badmans song” bring us to the last song of the set, another classic “Head over heals / Broken”, once again the crowd are inthier element, as the band leave the stage the cries for more are getting louder.

Back on stage and thanking the crowd for a wonderful evening and support, they bring the pace right up once again with “Woman in Chains”, vocally and visually splendid, having opened with “Everybody wants to rule the world”, the last song had to be “Shout” and without doubt it was the final piece of a terrific evening of entertainment. 

To say that Tears for Fears are a tour de force is really not complementing them enough, the music is as relevant today as ever, the way they engage the audience is up there with the best, I will certainly be making sure I catch them once again as soon as I can.

Tears For Fears, Shout,Shout let it all Out.