On this day in 1993, Manchester’s very own would be, ‘Rock n Roll Stars’ Oasis, sign a six-album deal with Alan McGee’s Creation Records with a £40k advance.

The Creation label owner (1993-2007) and 1995’s ‘Godlike Genius‘ award winner saw Oasis for the first time as the played to a crowd of 12..

When Alan first clocked Oasis, the band were supporting Sister Lovers in Glasgow in 1993, to an half-arsed, minimal capacity crowd of around 12 people. After 10 seconds of seeing Liam’s charisma, attitude and hearing his pitch-perfect vocal range hitting the high notes of  ‘Up In The Sky‘ he knew he was on to something special.

Would this be the band to change everything? well, he offered Noel a 6 Album Record deal and a £40k advance there and then on the spot, so I’d say so.

The following years and unprecedented success of Oasis went on to smash almost 54 million records by the time 2008 rolled in and had put rock n’ roll back firmly on the map!

Will any band ever achieve the heights that Oasis did? There’s no ‘Maybe’ about it – ‘Definitely’ not – Will they get back together? who knows…?? I’m pretty sure most people are bored of having that conversation. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…