Acoustic anticipation of good things to come: Hard rock debut album on my must-own list, it should be on yours too! Read on to get an insight…

The four piece from Denmark’s shipping port #1, made quite an impression back in May ’16 at Nordic Noise, with their heavy-riffed southern hard rock. Singer Niels Beier swept this reviewer’s feet away with his powerful and raw voice, and being signed to Mighty Music Records, and managed by Target Group, Black Oak County has everything lined up for great success. This evening was an acoustic preview of their debut album, which should hit the streets in early 2017.

Hosted at the small but cozy rock bar, Zeppelin Bar in Copenhagen, the small and sparsely lit stage was a very toned down backdrop of what this band is capable of. Using a Ritmo box (small wooden percussion box for acoustic sets), drummer Mike Svendsen had switched out his massive stage kit for the evening. With small anecdotes presenting each song, the band plowed through a selection of songs, that represented their coming debut.

Starting out with “The Bogeyman ” and “Never Cared”, the latter is a future classic. Classic top-notch rock’n’roll – I can’t wait to hear the electric version of this! The fact that a band as hard rock as these guys can make their songs work acoustically, is a tell-tale sign of magic in the making. The next song “Mad Dog” which was just released a few weeks ago, was presented as being about a local drunk who goes by the name of the song. If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s readily available on any of your favorite streaming services. I strongly suggest you check it out. By all means, here’s the video:

“Rated R For Redneck” is a cool slide-guitar driven song, perfectly fit for those hungover mornings in the train. It is my opinion that every rock ensemble, no matter how hard, should have a sensitive side and a love song, and “If You Only Knew” is just this – supposedly written for a girl a long time ago, it sure impressed me. Like Guns’n’Roses did with “Get In The Ring”, “Nothing To Say” is an ode, and a big raised middle finger, to someone who publicly disapprove of Black Oak County’s music. “Save Me” – I remember this song from their show at Nordic Noise, and despite of the acoustic version tonight, it was still as hard-hitting as the electric version.

I gotta say I’m witnessing history in the making here. If these guys don’t make it big, writing about rock is not a business worth being in. I’m super stoked about this band, and their early 2017 full length debut  is already on my personal must-own list. Black Oak County could very well be the front runners of the back-to-the-roots rock’n’roll of the late 80’s, that I see coming.


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