I love nights like this, going to see a band for the first time. Not sure if it’s going to be a night to remember for all the right reasons. Well let’s just say that I’m glad I made the effort.

Tonight I’m here to see Dead Buttons, however I’m in for a treat as there are a couple of other acts on beforehand.

57 (OH-CHILL) is a two piece rock band from Seoul featuring male guitarist Junhong Yun and female drummer Sur Kim. They have a distinctive garage-punk rock and give an energetic performance. It still amazes me how a two piece can produce such a raw, powerful wall of sound. It’s a fast paced set that seems to fly past so quickly. They are definitely a band that you should see. Check out the “57” EP through their Facebook page under duo57.

Up next it’s Patients, another Korean band hailing from Seoul. They formed in 2005 and are no strangers to touring. In fact they were labelled as“one of Seoul’s hardest working trio’s” by 10 Magazine. And it shows as they give a polished performance. I especially approve of the retro sounding keyboard. To me they favoured a Korean version of Devo. They have great tunes and are very entertaining. Another band worth keeping an eye on in the future.

Dead Buttons are guitarist/vocalist Jiyhun Hong and Paraguayan/Korean drummer Kanghee Lee. Buttons also have a long performance history. Hong is a veteran of Korea’s indie scene, playing with several well-known bands before meeting Lee after his mandatory military service.

Their long musical experience shines out in the performance. You can see that Lee and Hong are the perfect partnership as they deliver a tight, well played set that is the performance of the evening. Check out their Facebook page for details of gigs and new releases.

As always the Night and Day Café have served up another great night of music. Check out their Facebook page as well, as you might just get a nights worth of great entertainment equal to the one I had.