New release from London hardcore quintet

Primordial Records has released Exist Immortal’s 3rd. album on 28. October, and is easily as hard-hitting as their previous releases. How does it compare to those? Let’s find out.

The hardcore genre is a broad one, and today there is a lot of equally excellent bands fighting for that space. In the sub-genre metalcore, Exist Immortal has released a very melodic and well produced album, that has excellent songwriting, technical and artistic guitar and drum playing, a gut-punching bass, and a beautiful combination of singing and brutal growl. As their second “official” album (third, if you count the 7-track “Dream Sequence” from 2013 in – but that may be more of an EP), it’s a band that have found their sound, and are nailing it.

The intros to many of the songs are led in by quiet sounds that could be either keyboards or guitar, but then explode into a plethora of brutal and deep madness. The songs are all characterised by breaks that are suddenly very quiet, and the next second a kick in the gut of soaring guitars that are so extremely well played, that every track gets into a dream-like theme.

The lyrics are about the darker sides of human mind, and some are more complex and mythical: “…are you running from the truth within your lies…” from the last track “Chi”, “…follow the facts or follow the mortality…you’re the only one who fails to see” from the track “Misconduct”. Human misfortune and authoritarian blindness. To the more abstract “…we’re running out of fire… the edge of the earth where we’re searching for our minds…” from the track “Follow Alone”. Singer Meyrick de la Fuente’s constant shifts between tormented harmonies and deep brutal growls generates a very wide dynamic range, and is then set in stone with the wall of double kick drums and deep raunchy riffs.

Check out the epic video released for “Follow Alone”:

Compared to their 2014 debut “Darkness Of An Age”, it’s almost the same deal to a point, although I think there’s a little more brutality in the hooks on the debut, whereas on “Breathe” the same brutality extends more into the verses, both music- and vocal wise.
A well rounded album, extremely talented musicians, production and arrangement can seem a little too complex at times if you’re trying to catch the bigger picture of the lyrics, as the ever-changing vocal styles jump back and forth.


For the fans of:

Our Hollow Our Home, The Psyke Project, The Dillinger Escape Plan, LLNN, Chelsea Grin, Born Of Osiris, Jason Richardson

Out on your favourite streaming service, and both CD and special packages are available.

Check out Exist Immortal on their Facebook page and their Band Camp page.


Exist Immortal is currently on a UK tour, and you can find them here:

Oct 28th – Merthyr, Belle Vue
Oct 29th – Southampton, Firehouse
Oct 30th – Basingstoke, Sanctuary
Oct 31st – Bristol, Mothers Ruin
Nov 1st – London, The Black Heart
Nov 2nd – Leicester, Jumpin’ Jacks
Nov 4th – Edinburgh, Opium
Nov 5th – Workington, Lounge 41