Not much comes out of Tameside, so in 2010 when The Tapestry finally got their act( and lineup) together there was cause for much rejoicing in the borough.

A highly talented four piece who’s highly infectious post punk dance tunes lit up all the Manchester music venues The Tapestry were surely destined for great things.

Regular sold out gigs, UK tours, festival appearances and a clutch of singles that begged out fo radio play along with a massive local fan base all pointed to success.


Tapestry©Steve Hampson for FOTF Magazine

Tapestry © Steve Hampson for FOTF Magazine


For a while it looked like it would happen, plaudits from the likes of Liam Gallagher and Gaz Coombes, a support slot on The Enemys UK tour and some radio airplay made it seem that The Tapestry were everywhere.

Sadly however the music industry couldn’t be tempted to take a chance, preferring instead to sign much lesser talented bands who stuck to the norm and didn’t offer any challenges.

Yesterday in a heartbreaking statement The Tapestry announced that their gig at Ashton’s Wicthwood would be the last and after six years they would be no more.

Everybody will have favourite memories of The Tapestry, after all they played a lot of amazing gigs, from The Ruby Lounge to the Ritz most ending in good natured stage invasions. My memory is of a blustery Saturday afternoon in Bankswood Park Glossop where the band were playing The Bankswood Festival, a local charity event. There were less that 50 people watching but the bands performance and commitment was exactly the same as a few weeks later at The Ritz.

The Tapestry always gave everything in live performances, they loved playing and it showed. I once said to Dyna that they reminded me of The Beatles early live performances because they were clearly enjoying themselves so much and he replied “yeah its just fun”

The Tapestry deserved better, they will be sadly missed.