Feed The Kid sing about their home town of Manchester, in their new single ‘In The City’.

Before you jump-the-gun and think, ‘Oh no, here’s another band moaning about where they come from!’, this song is not at all doom and gloom.

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Sure, lyrics touch upon the rainy city that make a grown man cry, but the delivery of the vocals from Curtis Taylor believably make you grasp the message within the words.

With a wonderfully placed break in the middle, the song packs a lot of interesting and powerful moments into its tight 2 minutes and 49 seconds running time.

There are threads of early Kings of Leon, The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys floating around throughout the track. They have the fresh-cut sound of a band with a lot to offer in the future. I suspect that ‘In The City’ is but one of many bright stars in the sky for Feed The Kid.