Frank Iero and the Patience ​have bought out new EP ‘Keep The Coffins Coming’, which was released on the 22nd September via Hassle Records.

The EP was recorded at Electrical audio in Chicago by Steve Albini.

Talking on the new record and working with Steve Albini, Frank Iero​ says “When we were done touring ‘STOMACHACHES.’, I talked to my manager, Paul, about what we should do. I had my bucket list and one of the things on there was to work with Steve Albini. Paul asked how long I’d wanted to work with Steve and I was like, ‘Since I was, like, eleven!’ I wanted to make a Steve Albini record! Paul said he’d call him and I was like, ‘You can’t do that… that would be weird. Don’t do it.’ And he was like, ‘That’s my job!’ He called him, Steve said he could do it and he had three days.

Next phone call I made was U-Haul; I fuckin’ packed the U-Haul up and drove the band to Chicago. I got to record an EP with my friends and one of my heroes in this, like, giant firehouse building in Chicago. The EP is this missing link between ‘STOMACHACHES.’ and ‘Parachutes’. It’s everything I wanted it to be. It’s fuckin’ awesome!”

‘Keep The Coffins Coming’ is a short EP consisting of 4 tracks, consisting of raw and rugged emotions.  tracklisting:

1. I’m A Mess
2. BFF
3. No Fun Club
4. You Are My Sunshine

A must have for any fan of Frank Iero!!

Unfortunately, the vinyl has now sold out, but fans can still get the digital download from here or iTunes, or listen via Spotify!

Catch Frank Iero and the Patience on the remaining UK tour dates…:

Thu 12 Oct 2017 Aberdeen Garage
Fri 13 Oct 2017 Glasgow Garage
Sun 15 Oct 2017 Sheffield Plug
Mon 16 Oct 2017 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Tue 17 Oct 2017 Colchester Arts Centre
Wed 18 Oct 2017 Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
Thu 19 Oct 2017 Wolverhampton Slade Rooms
Fri 20 Oct 2017 Aldershot West End Centre