Supersonic Blues Machine release Californisoul featuring an all star cast.

Guest’s on the album include Billy Gibbons, Walter Trout, Eric Gales, Steve Lukather and Robben Ford.

Supersonic Blues Machine is Lance Lopez (Guitars), Fabrizzio Grossi (bass) and Kenny Aronoff, invite along some friends and the idea of Californisoul was born.

The album was recorded at Fab’s Lab in North Hollywood California, and although Lance Lopez wrote the lyrics, the rest of the band and guests have contributed to formulate the sound for this fantastic album.

Described by Fireworks as ‘sleek stretched Cadillac of a blues band’ I was interested to hear the album for myself, and having heard Billy Gibbons track Running Whiskey from the previous album West of FlushingSouth of Frisco, which has been enjoying much air play in this country I was pretty sure I would be in for a treat with this new album, and it didn’t disappoint.

Imagine you’re jamming with friends and I’m sure you will get the vibe coming through on this, or as Fabrizio Grossi describes,

‘about a soundtrack for an imaginary road trip up the California coastline in the heady, halcyon days of the early 70s, and that really captures the vibe and mojo that is Californisoul’ 

Although there are several guests Supersonic Blues Machine as an outfit can rock with the best on their own, the extra dimension the guests have given just adds the ‘icing on the cake’

There are 11 tracks, opening with I am done missing you, a rich track that sets the tone for what’s to come. I absolutely love the chilled out feel created by Somebodys fool with its infectious beat provided by Aronoff and Grossi and Robben Fords soulful guitar work.

You can hear Billy Gibbons influence immediately on Broken Heart, sounding much like ZZ Top it flows into the Supersonic Blues Machine, what a blend! There are some funky bass lines on the next track Bad Boys and as the songs goes keep on movin’ keep it grooving, and they really are here.

Next guest to appear is Eric Gales dubbed my many as a modern day Hendrix on the track Elevate, immediately his guitar ‘licks’ come in. The song itself becomes very catchy ‘never gonna get you’ as Gales guitar work’ develops further. Possibly the stand out track for me.

It would be too easy to simply describe the ‘guest’ tracks but I’ve enjoyed the soulful blues on The One and the harmonious lyrics of Cry, the track kept offering me a chance to sit down and Cry, but I really didn’t want to.

Longest track on the the album Hard Times features Steve Lukather of Toto, who really makes his guitar sing especially as the song leads out.

Whats Wrong features the silky guitar work of Walter Trout, and I am impressed by the way he builds layers with his sound, it’s a very relaxing track and winds down to the final track.

This is Love closes the album with its reggae meets the blues mix, its incredibly compelling and leaves us wanting more.

Another one for the collection for sure, but then it lived up to everything I expected of it. Flick of the fingers gives it five fingers!