Liverpudlian rockers Cabezudos are back with new single

A true work of art from the now 5 piece

Cabezudos have been busy since the release of their last single, ‘Tempting Fate’, and are starting to gain more fans by the day. They’ve played small festivals, such as ‘When In Manchester’ and have also had their first sell out performance in their hometown. They also have lots of gigs lined up for the year, including a performance at Sound City Liverpool, where artists such as DMA’S and The Slow Readers Club will also be playing, as part of the two day festival. They have also gained another member, who plays keys for a few songs, but for this song, takes the role of trumpet player.

Whilst Cabezudos have been busy getting their music out their, they’ve also been busy in the studio, and new single, ‘Calling Your Name’ is proof of how hard they’ve worked. The single sounds a lot more crisp than ‘Tempting Fate’, and every beat just drags you in. Whilst the drums are simple for the most part of the song, they really stand out throughout, and really push the song to new limits. The bass is matched perfectly with the drums, and it’s the odd little riff that really makes the bass come into a world of it’s own, allowing it to step away from the guitar and do it’s own thing, which more bands need to do.

All too often, the bass is drowned out by guitars, but the great mix on this single allows each instrument to be heard, and it really brings the song together. The song is topped off by the addition of saxophones and trumpet, which mirror the guitar solo’s, and just add that little bit of extra support to stop the song falling in the solo. It was a great idea to add the sax and trumpet, as it really gives the song that little bit extra, and is the icing on the cake to a true work of art. We can’t talk about instruments without talking about the fantastic noise that the guitar creates. It has just a slight bit of overdrive, allowing it to still be heard clearly, and not just become noise. Then there are the astonishing vocals, which really give this band the edge on a lot of other bands in the same boat as these five. The vocals on this track really take your breath away, and they are the best vocals I’ve heard in a long time.

The man behind those fantastic vocals, Jack Hughes, says this about the single, ‘This song is a huge step forward for us as it’s the first release of a brand new set list that we’ve been locked away perfecting. It’s also the conclusion of a chapter for us, because our first record ‘Tempting Fate’ was part 1 and this track is part 2 of the life & death story’. Personally, I can’t wait to hear the rest of the new set list, especially if it’s gonna be more songs as good as this.

There’s nothing that this song is missing to be a hit song. It has the pounding drums, the screeching solos, the breathtaking vocals, and the stand out bass riffs. All of which create a perfect storm when used right, and they couldn’t have been used any better in this song. The addition of sax and trumpet just tip this song over the edge into a whole different world of music.

Be sure to listen to this band, and get down to a gig to see them do what they do best.