Swedish band Normandie release their widely anticipated second album this Friday, 26thOctober.

I’ve been given a preview copy to listen to and I’ve been mightily impressed.

I caught up with the guys a few months ago prior to their  appearance at a very wet Reading Festival. The  quartet of Anton (Drums) Philip (Vocals) Hakan (Guitar) and Lucas on Bass together combined create an alternative rock sound that went done a storm on the pit stage.

Earlier this year the band announced they had signed to Easy Life records and were planning a new album to complement their previous album Inguz released on an independent label.

We chatted briefly about the album they have recorded at their own studio. Philip told me

We have our own recording studio and we work from there, we also work to get good tracks on an album, there’s no point in recording 18 and someone skips 6 to get to the best 12.  

They have produced a fantastic album that shows why they are one of the hottest upcoming new band to have emerged recently.

Three of the albums tracks have already been released as singles, I must be honest it was the first track, Ectasy that impressed me, it drew me in, it’s a great opener from the moment Antons drums came crashing in and Philips voice came to the fore, it’s a catchy tune and a great opener. Next to be released was White Flag, the tile track Philips smooth vocals and Hakans guitar combine well before exploding into a chorus driven frenzy that’s so infectious you can’t help but feel yourself supplying additional ooh oohs as you wave the flag. Enough has been the latest release and is about falling for someone when you shouldn’t, an interesting choice for release.

The rest of the album features some great tracks, the slower paced The Bell slowed things down, the effect running through it felt like a heartbeat, and suddenly Philps starts singing in his native tongue, a lovely touch. The mesmerising line ‘one way in and no way’out caught my attention during the track Dead. Don’t Need You featured some lovely basswork from Lucas. I felt Hakan and Philip created a great soundscape in Summer. ‘Tic Tac taken a back’  from Maniac is another great line and along with the upbeat Moth will be great tracks played live.

Quite honesty the band have found a winning formula and it works, 12 great tracks that leave you wanting more, and you can have more, catch them live supporting Hands Like Houses this week.

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