Liverpudlian 4 piece, Wild Fruit Art Collective release new single 

Nearly a year after the release of ‘Under The Hooves’, WFAC are back, and better than ever

At a time where grunge rock is coming back into popularity amongst teens, it’s songs like this that make grunge what it is. The careless attitudes and the ability to combine heavy rhythm with light lead are what really make this song what it is, and without that contrast, this song would be completely different, and wouldn’t have anywhere near the same appeal. While some instruments are contrasting each other, others are matched perfectly, such as the vocals and the drones that continue throughout this song.

After a minute and a half, this song picks up, and the mosh-pits form in your mind, you can really picture how well this song will go down with the crowd when it’s played live. The fading out of all the instruments (aside from that wonderfully mysterious drone) as the verse becomes the chorus really lets the drums be heard, and highlights the talent of drummer Jake. With the crashing cymbals, and the great fills, the drums for the chorus are what keep you wanting more out of this song, and the song keeps delivering, as the song then slows to let Conor show off his marvellous guitar playing.

The only time that the hypnotic drone that is a key part of this song fades out is the segue from chorus to verse at the end, where the second-to-none vocals are left isolated, making you think that’s it, and that this song surely has nothing left to give, then in comes the army of instruments once again, to finish this song the way it should be finished. Loud, intricate and choppy.

With a big year ahead of them, Wild Fruit Art Collective could be ones to watch, especially if there is more where this song came from. The single is available from 16th February (Via Eggy Records) on all streaming services, and at