This weeks Throwback looks at Rock gods, AC/DC

This album is probably the best AC/DC ever did, and contained one of history’s most recognisable riffs, that being the title track, ‘Back In Black’.

The album came just a few years after the Aussie legends had began to make a name for themselves outside of Australia, and came after the success of their 6th Studio Album, ‘Highway To Hell’. It also marked a change in personnel for the band, as Bon Scott had died earlier in the year, so the band recruited Brian Johnson, and what a job he did.

The album was recorded in Bahamas, over a 7 week period. However, it wasn’t as great as it sounds, as the Bahamas were hit by storms, making some of the sessions challenging for the band. It was produced by Robert John ‘Mutt’ Lange, who wanted perfection with the takes, especially for newly recruited Johnson. The album was then taken to New York, where it was mixed in Electric Lady Studios. The band decided that the artwork should be entirely black, to mourn Bon Scott. ‘Back In Black’ was highly successful, selling around 50 million copies world wide, making it one of the best selling albums in history.

Not only is this album one of the best selling albums in history, it also has one of the most instantly recognisable riffs of all time. This is of course, ‘Back In Black’, a song which pretty much every budding guitarist has tried to learn at some point, and one that has been the reason a lot of people have picked up a guitar. They wanted to be as electrifying as Angus Young was. They wanted the schoolboy outift, and the cool electric guitar, and this is the album that made all this happen. It was hugely popular when it came out, and is still popular now amongst rock fans, both new and old. It’s not just that guitar riff that makes this song so great though, its the truly fantastic vocals, and the amazing mixing throughout the album that makes it so pleasing to listen to.

There will never be a time where this album isn’t admired by music fans, and it will be passed from generation to generation. Each time it’s passed down, ‘Back In Black’ will change someones life, and have a really strong impact on their musical tastes. It’s an album of pure brilliance in every way possible. For AC/DC to be able to produce such a fantastic record, so soon after the death of their lead singer, and in such a short space of time, is remarkable. The album has left it’s mark in the history books in so many ways it’s unbelievable.