Week 3 of The Noughties takes us to Jamie T

Panic Prevention was the album that started off Jamie T’s wonderful career, and kicked off his immense fan base

Jamie T has come a long way since the release of this album, and is highly successful. His music speaks to the youth, with relatable topics, and something that everybody can be familiar with in some way. His newest release, ‘Trick’, had a slightly less relatable feeling, but fans still loved it. However, it’s the songs from his debut album, ‘Panic Prevention’, that fans still go back to.

The album came in 2007, and despite being his debut album, it was heavily respected by the media, and was nominated for a Mercury prize. Jamie wrote each song himself, and did most of the instrumentation. The only songs in which Jamie T drafted in the help of others are; ‘Ike and Tina’, ‘Pacemaker’ and ‘If You Got The Money’.

This album is a personal favourite, is in definitely one of the best albums of this decade, but it is mostly overlooked, due to the success of his biggest competition, especially bands such as Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines. For Jamie T, he was making the right music at the wrong time, and his overall success has taken a hit due to this. Admittedly, he has a large fan base, and has had good chart success with his albums, he just doesn’t have the big name that he deserves. There was an edge to the music, especially with this album.

The lyrics can easily be reflected on, and compared to the life of the average youth. The music was ahead of it’s time, and the heavy use of synthesizers across the album shows this, and makes it feel like it came 10 years later than it actually did. The music had a dirty edge to it, the guitars sounded dirty, the vocals were rustic and bluesy, and by having this, it just allowed Jamie T to play to his strengths, and release a groundbreaking album.

The songs on this album are some of his best, and some of his most well known, including his hit, ‘Sheila’, alongside other well known tracks, such as, ‘If You Got The Money’. Then there are the songs that aren’t regarded his best, yet when you listen properly, they are some of the best songs he has done, such as ‘So Lonely Was The Ballad’, and ‘Back In The Game’. However, all songs on the album are equally great in their own way, and they all have that Jamie T signature sound.