12 Tracks Of Musical Bliss

The Boston alt-rockers have made a truly solid album

Having first formed in the mid 80s, Pixies have been around for a while now, but this sort of music is just as relevant now as ever, if not more relevant, and it’s great to see them back once again with such a brilliant album. It’s their first in 3 years, and their third since their comeback in 2014.

The album opens with ‘In The Arms of Mrs. Mark of Cain’. A brilliant song, and a very strong opener indeed. The overdriven, drawn out guitars,  mixed with the jangly vibrato of the lead guitars pairs perfectly with the electronic pound of the drums, building the song to a perfect crescendo for a solid four minutes before it fades out nicely, and the album continues with ‘Graveyard Hill’. One of just two songs which the bands have released prior to the albums release date.

One thing that is quickly noticeable on the album is how nice the vocal harmonies sound between Black Francis and Paz Lenchantin. It gives the whole album that little something more, giving a fresher feel to the music, as a lot of the music of this genre lacks those softer vocals that women are able to give. Her soft vocals fit perfectly with the harsh, raspy voice of lead singer and original member, Black Francis.

The whole album is around 35 minutes long, which when you think about it, for a twelve track album isn’t really that long. In true punk/alt-rock fashion, the songs are averaging around three minutes, with only a few branching out to four minutes or more. The thing that amazes me though, is how much incredible music they manage to fit into the album, and how much they get into each song.

It’s not all in your face rock music though, there is a healthy combination of heavy rock, and acoustic ballads. For me, it’s the acoustic songs that are the strong points in the album. The vocal harmonies really flourish in these songs, and the lead guitars come out to play, and dash distorted riffs over the simple acoustic strumming.

Be sure to listen to it when it comes out on 13th September.