Catfish are back and better than ever with new album

It’s their best work yet, and a great mix of indie tunes and summer bangers.

After a three year gap, Catfish and The Bottlemen are finally back on the airwaves, and back on tour with new music, in the form of their third album, ‘The Balance’, and after the success of their first two albums, then

The album opens with four tracks which have already been released as singles, ‘Longshot’, ‘Fluctuate’, ‘2all’ and ‘Conversation’. To me, it’s a bit of a pleasant shock that the four songs we are already familiar with kick the album off. It gives you something to sing along too before you’re hit with the brand new material. For me, they saved the best til last, as the songs which they didn’t previously release are stronger tracks than the four singles.

The album is heavier, with more of a solid rock sound, compared to what the band have brought out in the past, yet still has that distinct sound thanks to the incredible vocals which Van McCann delivers with every song. He is probably one of the best vocalists around at the moment, and definitely one of the best voices in Indie/Rock music.

The album shows how far the band have come since their last album, and it’s been worth the wait. Guitarist Johnny Bond has honed his skill set, and his great tone is scattered throughout the album, with little solos, riffs and it’s the perfect accompaniment to McCann’s driving rhythm guitar. It’s not just their instrumental skill set which has improved though, their songwriting has come on leaps and bounds. They were gifted writers already, but there is something special about the songwriting for this album. The songs are more structured and the lyrics are a lot more developed than they were for the previous two albums.

It wasn’t just the album release which would have pleased fans today though, as Catfish also announced more tour dates later in the year. It will see the band play Liverpool, Birmingham, Newcastle, and Leeds, alongside their tour dates next month, which takes the band all around the UK, Europe and the USA.