After a few years off, Catfish are back and better than ever.

Everything Catfish fans are used to and more as ‘Longshot’ is released.

2016 was the last time we heard anything from Catfish and The Bottlemen, but last year they found their way back onto the tip of their fans tongues, as tour dates for 2019 were announced. For everyone, this meant only one thing, new material, and that’s exactly what we got today, as the Welsh four-piece graced streaming sites with ‘Longshot’.

‘Longshot’ begins with a bit of ambient studio noise, before one of the best vocalists of the past 10 years, Van McCann says ‘Go’ and the guitar keeps rhythm whilst McCann’s soft yet powerful vocals break into first verse of this incredible new tune. The song really kicks in when the drums start, and although the rhythm may be simple, it’s all that is needed when this man is singing.

On the first run of the chorus, you hear the full band, and whilst their usual sound is still present, there is a very faint synth-y drown accompanying the distinct sound which has made this band grow from strength to strength. Whilst the synth is an instrument which is becoming ever more popular with mainstream music, Catfish have been black sheep among white with this track, and decided to not follow the synth generation which is being created.

There has also been a video released with the song, in which McCann drives a classic Land Rover down the coast, before joining the rest of the band to perform the song under a festival tent to no-one before the full band climb back into the Land Rover and drive off, leaving the tent behind. With the full video being shot in black and white, it adds to the overall emotion and feeling of the video, because in colour, this video wouldn’t be much, but the striking dullness of the black and white footage really drags you in as you watch the lads give a performance of a lifetime to an empty tent.

As soon as you hear this song, you just know it’s going to be the perfect song for fans to blast out at the top of their lungs at the upcoming Arena shows across the UK. It’s catchy, it makes you dance even when your sat down, and it’s in your face. There’s no way that you couldn’t singalong to this, especially in an arena. It’ll be interesting to see if this will be a tune for any of the festivals this year, as the band haven’t been billed for any yet, aside from Sziget in Budapest, there’s still time for them in the UK though, with plenty more festival lineups to be announced.

The track is part of their next album, although there is little known about this album as yet.

It’s gonna be a good year for Catfish, and it’ll be fun to watch them take the world by storm once more.


Photo Credit – Jill Furmanovsky