A raunchy return for the band after 10 years out of the game

Jack White and co are back to their old ways, with the best rock album of recent years.

After the incredible success of their first two albums, fans always knew that the band would return at some point, but I don’t think a 10 year wait was what anyone expected. Was it worth the wait? Hell yeah. From incredible lyrics, raw vocals, superb skill and one of the best songwriting partnerships at the top of their game, this album delivers everything and more.

Aside from the four previously released tracks, the album features what could be considered some of their best work to date. The album kicks off with, ‘Bored and Razed’, a song which opens with a swung jazz drum rhythm develops into a true Raconteurs rock song. The drums soon pick up, driving the song like a steam train, with the guitars forming a bluesy call and response with their riffs. For me, it’s the vocals which win me over on this track though. The signature harmonies which Benson and White form are something which blow me away every time I hear them. It gets even better as the vocals begin to mimic the riffs which are blasting out throughout the song.

The next song which amazes me is the acoustic masterpiece, ‘Only Child’. That’s what I love so much about this band, with all of their albums, they have had a balanced mix of laid back songs, and songs capable of blowing your mind with overdriven guitar. Talking off overdrive, whilst this song may be a much slower, acoustic piece, it is still laden with experimental guitar tones, which fit surprisingly well.

The album continues to charge on, song after song, delivering something truly incredible with each move of the needle. Some songs feel like they were written at the same time as White’s previous album, ‘Boarding House Reach’, but he knew they would suit the Raconteurs a lot better, and thank the lord he saved them for his other project. They are littered with the experimental tones which featured in White’s third solo album, but have been sprinkled with the magic of the Raconteurs.

From the opening jazzy goodness of ‘Bored and Razed’, to the much slower ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ which closes the album, this album leaves no musical stone un-turned. Their previous albums were a success, and arguably the best rock albums of the past couple of decades, but this album definitely takes top spot of the three, leaving the others fighting for second place.

The albums was released under Third Man Records, and is available everywhere you can think of. Get it blasting down your ears!