Saytr Play just keep delivering the goods with every new single

The punchy new single is a step in a slightly new direction for the band, and it sounds ace!

Dancing drum rhythms, choral vocals, and funky guitar all come together to form what is Saytr Play’s strongest track yet. It has something really unique about it, and is probably one of the strongest tracks I’ve heard from an upcoming band in a very long time.

From the opening crescendo of the vocals, to the driving bass line, this song touches base in a few genre’s, and the fact that a band are capable of delving into unfamiliar territory whilst they are still building their fan base just shows the heights which this band will be able to reach if they keep putting out music of this quality.

Whilst it branches into different genres, it’s not as if the track is trying to be something it’s not. The track is an indie rock masterpiece, there’s no doubt about it being that. It has that jangly happy feeling made famous in the 80’s, mixed with dance rhythms capable of getting everyone moving, something I am sure it will do at all their gigs.

As with a lot of Saytr Play’s material, the lyrics are a big focus point. Vocalist Fred knows what he wants to say, and knows how to say it, there’s no question about that. He then delivers these lyrics in remarkable fashion, and that’s the key part for a band who focus so heavily on their lyrics. It’s all well and good having the powerful lyrics in your songs, but there’s no point having them if you don’t build equally good music to fit around the vocal track, and Saytr Play do this incredibly well.

It’s not just an incredible track, there is a truly mesmerising video to accompany the new material. Watch it below

We rate:
4.0 rating