The psychedelic quintet are back with another amazing track

Sylvette have been scratching the surface of Manchester’s new music scene for a while, but haven’t reached the heights of other bands just yet, however this year is looking promising for the band, and their first song of the year is out, and it is stunning.

The new track, “Memories (Falling)” is the strongest song they’ve released to date. It’s venturing into something a bit out of their comfort zone, and whilst the band have had rocky undertones for a while, it’s only now that we are hearing the full depth of their rock influences, and the psychedelia takes a step back. The usually soft vocals of lead vocalist Charlie take a more raw tone too, and whilst it may not work in their other material, it certainly works with this track, and is the icing on the cake for this track.

Whilst the tones of the band sound better, there is also more musical depth to this track than their other material, which really shows how complex this song is as this band have always been musically gifted, and that gift has really shown since they replaced the violinist. It’s great to see such a young group of lads have so much musical talent, and it’s even better that they are putting it to good use.

The video which they have released to accompany this track is as much of a masterpiece as the track itself. It tells the story of the song beautifully.

For me, there isn’t a better up and coming band in Manchester at the moment, and it’s surely a matter of time before they are leaving the little venues behind, and gracing the stages of the bigger venues in Manchester.