Brighton’s favourite SONS release their comeback single ‘The Sermon’ on August 16, via These Bloody Thieves Records through Ditto Music across all digital platforms coupled with B side ‘Marco’.

‘The Sermon’ is the first of three singles on new record label These Bloody Thieves.

Following the success of their first four singles, ‘Reptiles’, ‘A Love Song?’, ‘Zealot’ and ‘Rise’, the Brighton duo return in supercharged form with their newest track.

‘The Sermon’ is blatantly anthemic, a huge guitar riff paves the way for a monster chorus drop. ‘The Sermon’ showcases SONS ability to write sharp and catchy hooks while never compromising on their message.

‘The Sermon’ is a statement of intent, a manifesto to mobilise and use the power of music to change what’s wrong and right the injustices of society.


Its message is simple, put down your phones, stop the endless scrolling and do something that will make a difference, says singer Lee, “it’s me preaching about social networking and how people put up an image showing their life and how happy they are but really it all just fake”.

SONS is made up of brothers Lee and Nick Meldrum who have been making music with one another for little over two years. Recently, the band had wildly popular shows at Reading Festival, The Great Escape, Soccer Six, as well as a number of gigs across the UK.

What makes SONS so special is their ability to articulate the anger and frustration that ebbs and flows through this messed up nation, pre Brexit and post Millennial.