A first taste of their debut album, which is soon to be released.

It’s the first I’ve heard of this band, but i’ll be hearing more forĀ sure

The band state their influences as bands such as: The National, Radiohead, and Interpol, and you can hear all these influences come through in this track. I feel there’s a touch of Nirvana just scratching the surface too, especially within the drums and guitars. Those drums are something pretty special, the mix is pretty good, so they just break through the distorted guitars and raspy vocals, creating a crisp sound where you can hear every bit of the the kit cleanly.

‘Losing My Touch’, their newest single, follows on from previous singles, ‘All Broken Down’, and ‘Come and Find Me’, which were both released last year to widespread acclaim. They’ve been going for two years, and they’re already releasing material of this quality. To me, that says everything you need to know about this band, they’re going places.

Lead singer, Kiran Roy says this single is, “about trying to keep your head under water. It was written at a time when everyone around me seemed to be moving on with their lives and I was stuck in the same place.” He continued to say how it tackles the “fear of getting older and underachieving, but trying to not let it get to you”.

News regarding their debut album is going to hit the internet soon, so if I was you, I’d set an alert on your phone, cause this is going to be one hell of a special debut album, especially if this latest track is anything to go by.